Birth of Lions


Lions began in June, 1917 when a young Chicago insurance agent, Melvin Jones, presented his idea of consolidating individual clubs into one.  The first annual convention was held in Dallas Texas, in October 1917 and 25 clubs participated.


The word International was added in 1920 when a club was formed in Ontario Canada.  By 1927 clubs were formed in China, Cuba and Mexico.  1935 saw our association introduced to South America and by 1948 Europe became a part of our Lions Family with the formation of clubs.  There are now more than 41000 clubs in some 165 countries with 1.8 million members.  We truly are the largest service organisation.


The International constitution of Lions provides a structure around which our association functions.  This serves as a guide for the standard form constitution and by-laws under which individual clubs function.


The Lions Clubs Objects outline the aims and goals of Lionism.


The Lions Code of Ethics is the guideline for personal values that each Lion should exemplify.